The Department of Child Health and Diseases (Pediatrics) in our hospital deals with the monitoring and treatment of children’s health from birth to adolescence. Our pediatricians at Yaman Surgical Medical Center follow children’s congenital diseases and mental and physical development.

In other words, when our doctors perform routine examinations of children, they check important factors for development such as weight, height and nutrition. They also follow children’s expression and understanding development, neurological and psychological aspects.

Our doctors, who are experts in their fields, can easily diagnose the diseases of babies who do not yet have communication skills. Then, our doctors follow the babies’ treatments and ensure their recovery. Our hospital also has a vaccination service. In addition, our doctors at Yaman Surgical Medical Center take the psychology of their childhood patients into consideration when examining them.

Our doctors constantly emphasize the importance of breastfeeding in the development of babies. They give advice to mothers on this issue. Our Child Health and Diseases department at Yaman Surgical Medical Center continues its work by taking the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization as a guide.