At Yaman Surgical Medical Center, our Gynecology and Obstetrics specialist provides quality services to our female patients in many areas, especially general diagnosis and treatment services. Kiss. Dr. Sevtap Alkan is a well-known professional expert in the fields of monitoring risky and normal pregnancies, birth, birth control management and genital aesthetics.

At our Yaman Surgical Medical Center, our patients receive diagnosis and treatment services at international standards. Our doctor and his team fulfill all the health needs of the patients in the highest quality and most effective way.

Kiss. Dr. Sevtap Alkan helps women regain their self-confidence with vaginal aesthetics, labiaplasty and hudoplasty operations. In addition, our specialist doctor treats his patients for issues such as infectious diseases, menstrual irregularities and groin pain. Moreover, Op. Dr. Sevtap Alkan is a professional on gynecological cancers.

In our gynecology clinic, our doctor and his team support expectant mothers with compassion and follow the process perfectly for mother and baby. All babies born at our Yaman Surgical Medical Center receive the best care. As a result, our Gynecology and Obstetrics clinic attaches importance to the health of mothers and babies and makes all necessary planning.