At the hair transplantation clinic at our Yaman Surgical Medical Center, Dr. Resul Yaman has an international reputation in the field of hair restoration. Our doctor performs hair transplantation procedures for irreversible hair loss. So, Dr. If your hair loss is due to hormonal reasons, Yaman first provides your medical treatment. However, in cases where drug treatment is not possible, hair transplantation is performed.

If you are an adult and have a hair loss problem, you can apply for a hair transplant operation. Dr. Resul Yaman examines you with his own methodology. He then performs the hair restoration process in his fully comprehensive clinic with hygienic and sterile conditions.

At our Yaman Surgical Medical Center, Dr. Resul Yaman and his team offer you permanent and effective results with the latest technologies. Dr. If you would like to meet our patient-oriented superior service and benefit from hair implantation at Resul Yaman clinic, call us to make an appointment.

Hair transplant, Dr. Since it is applied in the expert hands of Resul Yaman and in his reliable clinic, you will get permanent and natural results. Additionally, you will have healthy hair without experiencing any pain or discomfort. Dr. Resul Yaman collects the grafts as needed (without over-harvesting) with the manual FUE extraction process.

Then, our doctor integrates the grafts into the recipient area with a manual DHI implantation process. In short, our hair transplantation clinic at our reliable Yaman Surgical Medical Center in Istanbul is ready to serve you with its technological equipment.