If you want to get rid of your unwanted hair and feel comfortable, we recommend that you apply to the Laser Epilation and Skin Care department at our hospital. We offer treatments suitable for your skin type under hygienic conditions under the control of our experts. Additionally, our specialist applies the wavelength appropriate to your hair structure during epilation sessions.

By the way, laser epilation is not a harmful method since the rays reach the middle skin during the epilation process. In other words, the rays do not reach your subcutaneous or internal organs. The important point is to have laser epilation performed by an expert in the field who uses an effective device.

At our Yaman Surgical Medical Center, our professional specialist uses the Alexandrite Candela device for laser epilation. This device in our hospital is FDA approved, and unless you have a special condition, it generally removes hair in 6 sessions.

In our hospital, our specialist performs skin care with the Hydra Clean machine. Hydra Clean, the most popular and effective skin care machine, has 9 separate heads. Thus, our specialist provides special care to the patient during the application. Blackheads, acne and blemishes on the patient’s face are cleaned. Hydra Clean, available at our Yaman Surgical Medical Center, is a popular device that is applied painlessly and has many benefits.

If you want a brand new concept of beauty, you can try the eyelash lifting application in our hospital. The products we use in practice are harmless and are products of a German company. As a result of the eyelash lifting process, your eyelashes will look voluminous.

We attach importance to hygiene standards in all our services in our hospital and offer a relaxing and comfortable environment to our patients. The products and devices used by our experts in our medical center are of high quality. If you want to have an effective and satisfactory care for yourself, we recommend that you make an appointment at the Laser Epilation and Skin Care department of our hospital.