In our Yaman Surgical Medical Center Oral and Dental Health department, we provide services in the diagnosis and treatment of dental, oral and jaw health-related disorders for children and adults. Aesthetic problems, especially those caused by teeth, negatively affect the lives of most of us. In addition, oral and dental problems also affect our general health. Therefore, for your dental health, you can trust the dentistry clinic at our Yaman Surgical Medical Center, which has fully equipped and professional dentists in this field.

Our dentists serve you in the following areas:

Dental Treatments (Root treatment, filling)
aesthetic dentistry
In our hospital, our dentists take detailed images of the patients’ teeth, jaw, and bone structure around the teeth with panoramic x-rays.

In the meantime, it would be beneficial to take the necessary precautions while your oral and dental health is still intact. For this, you can come to our dentists for a routine examination. Thus, you will not experience problems such as tooth decay. It is especially important for children and young people to have regular oral and dental examinations. Our Yaman Surgical Medical Center Oral and Dental Health clinic offers preventive medicine services to children and young people.