We have various medical devices in our Yaman Surgical Medical Center Radiology department. Our specialist doctor diagnoses many diseases with our latest technological devices. Our devices in this section are as follows:

X-Ray: Bone and lung disorders are easily diagnosed with this device that uses X-ray.
Ultrasound: We diagnose many diseases with our device that works with sound waves. We use the ultrasound device in the diagnosis of gynecological diseases, prostate enlargement, gallbladder stones, urinary tract infections and kidney stones.
Mammography: This device, which also uses X-rays, is used to diagnose breast diseases in women over 40 years of age.
Computed Tomography: It is a device based on detailed scanning and taking pictures of the patient’s body using special x-rays. Our specialist doctor makes a diagnosis by examining these images taken from different angles. CT is an important device for early diagnosis and provides information about diseases occurring in patients’ bone sections, vessels and soft tissues.

As you can see, our professional doctor and his team in our hospital play an important role in the early diagnosis of serious diseases. We recommend that you protect your health by receiving quality service thanks to our specialist doctor and state-of-the-art devices in the Radiology department of Yaman Surgical Medical Center.