At our Yaman Surgical Medical Center, we perform routine eye examinations on every patient in the Eye Health and Diseases department. We also provide glasses and contact lenses services.Our specialist doctor performs computerized visual field analyses, ultrasonography and eye angiography tests. The areas where we provide diagnosis and treatment services in our ophthalmology clinic at Yaman Surgical Medical Center are as follows:

Glaucoma: Our ophthalmologist provides diagnosis and treatment services for glaucoma.
Cataract: Our specialist doctor successfully performs cataract surgery, which is a common disease.
Retinal Diseases: Our eye clinic diagnoses and treats retinal diseases.
Refractive Surgery: Our professional ophthalmologist is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of corneal disorders.
Strabismus: If the parallel gaze of your eyes is impaired, do not forget to make an appointment with our eye clinic.
Lazy Eye: Our doctor prescribes glasses for this disorder.

For eye-related diseases, we recommend that you get rid of your problems by making an appointment at the Eye Health and Diseases department of our Yaman Surgical Medical Center.