Internal medicine is an important department as most patients apply to our department with initial symptoms of the disease. Our specialist doctor treats his patient meticulously and prevents the progression of his disease. Additionally, if our doctor detects a disease related to another unit, he directs the patient to the necessary department without wasting time.

Yaman Surgical Medical Center internal medicine department;

kidney diseases,
liver diseases,
stomach disorders,
lung diseases,
Gallbladder diseases are treated.

For such ailments, we recommend that you make an appointment with our internal medicine department and regain your health as soon as possible. At our Yaman Surgical Medical Center, our specialist doctor uses tomography and biochemistry laboratory results to diagnose diseases.

If you are in the risk group due to factors such as genetics, gender, age or a previous disease, you can apply to our hospital and have routine check-ups. It is important to carefully follow the instructions of our specialist doctor in our internal medicine department to protect your health.