In our hospital, our doctors benefit from laboratory service analysis in all diagnosis, treatment and follow-up processes. As Yaman Surgical Medical Center, we know the importance of laboratory analyzes in ensuring correct diagnosis and treatment success. We evaluate the situation by working on samples taken from various parts of the patient for the necessary analysis.

Our laboratory, which complies with national and international standards, is equipped with medical equipment. You can get the following test results from Yaman Surgical Medical Center:

Biochemistry tests
hormone tests
Hematology tests
Microbiology tests
Gynecological tests
Infectious disease tests

If a person has a disease that requires laboratory tests and wants to be examined regularly, he can apply to our hospital in Istanbul. In other words, if you have a disease that you need to constantly monitor, our doctors and laboratory in our hospital will support you. Our relevant doctor evaluates your laboratory results and determines a treatment plan for you. This way, you can start treatment as soon as possible and prevent the progression of your disease.

You can also have regular tests done at the Yaman Surgical Medical Center laboratory without experiencing any health problems. Ultimately, possible diseases will be diagnosed and treated at an early stage thanks to routine laboratory services.