At Yaman Surgical Medical Center, our medical aesthetic clinic solves aesthetic problems such as skin sagging, wrinkles, regional weight gain and blemishes in the most effective way. As you know, aging, diseases, environmental factors and genetic factors cause sagging and wear in our body and face areas.

Our medical aesthetic physician repairs wear and tear on people using various methods. In addition, our doctor applies treatments to his patients to make their bodies look their best cosmetically. If you want to achieve a natural and healthy appearance, you can apply to the medical aesthetics clinic at our Yaman Surgical Medical Center.

rope hanger
EMS device
carbon peeling
golden needle
Tattoo removal
scar treatment
I don’t take
cyst removal
Removing facial blemishes
Eyelid aesthetic

In fact, general aesthetic applications are all the items we have listed above. Meanwhile, some people prefer aesthetic treatments to prevent wear and tear that will occur as they get older. At our Yaman Surgical Medical Center, medical aesthetic treatment is carried out safely by our professional doctor who is familiar with human anatomy and the techniques he will apply.