About Us

As Yaman Surgical Medical Center, we have gained the trust of our patients with our quality health services since 2011. We provide service in the health sector with our experience and strong expert staff. We aim to offer our patients reliable and effective treatment methods in our modern facility equipped with the latest technology.

Our hospital has a closed area of ​​5000 m2 with its modern building, equipment and technical devices. In addition, our hospital has a hair transplantation clinic, ENT clinic, gynecology and obstetrics clinic, internal medicine clinic, radiology clinic, oral and dental health clinic, child health and diseases clinic, general surgery clinic, eye health and diseases clinic, medical aesthetics clinic, laboratory services and There is a laser epilation and skin care section.

With the importance we attach to the health of our patients, we are always there for them with our specialist physicians and experienced healthcare staff. By prioritizing patient satisfaction, we take an individual and attentive approach to each of our patients.

To protect and raise the health level of our society by providing the best health service with a patient-oriented approach. To increase the quality of life of our patients by providing them with versatile health services. To ensure early diagnosis and treatment. To provide continuous treatment and care of chronic diseases. It is to approach health issues by taking into account physical, social and psychological factors.

To be a leading institution by closely following technology and innovation in the field of health and to protect and improve public health.

To value patients, to know and protect patient rights, and to care about patient and staff safety. To provide quality service with modern technology required by medical science. Not compromising the Quality Management System rules. To carry out activities that will protect and improve public health. To act sensitively and responsibly towards society and the environment. To attach importance to and ensure continuous development. To continuously increase the training and satisfaction of employees.

  • We adopt and share the total quality management approach.
  • It improves the quality of life of our patients by providing the best diagnosis and treatment services; We keep patient safety and satisfaction above all else.
  • We ensure full participation in the diagnosis and treatment process by raising awareness of patients and their relatives.
  • We adopt the team approach and maintain corporate awareness.
  • By increasing the knowledge and skills of our employees, we create a qualified workforce and ensure that they become devoted healthcare professionals.
  • We are a reference hospital that provides diagnosis and treatment services at international standards.
  • We contribute to the development of medicine by constantly improving the service we offer.
  • We ensure that environmental impacts are kept to a minimum.
  • We undertake to comply with the legal and other requirements in force.

As Yaman Surgical Medical Center, we will continue to provide reliable and quality healthcare services by always focusing on the health of our patients.